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  Sichuan Nipo Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Is located in mianyang city, sichuan province economic and technological development zone, is a sino-japanese joint venture of fine chemical industry enterprises in the home, the main production of "NEUTRON - series" brand polymer additives, has a wide range of USES, international and domestic market prospect.Mainly used in plastics, rubber, dyes, pigments, fiber products, photography, and other fields.As a bonding agent, lubricant, antistatic agent, remover, anti-sticking adhesive, plasticizer and remover, etc.Through unremitting efforts and the pursuit of all parties, the fatty acid amide series products have passed ISO9001:2000 certification, has won the acceptance of China quality certification center.

  We firmly grasp the "economic globalization and investment liberalization" the era of the pulse, an accord with the pace of their long-term development strategy.Company after nearly 10 years of production and sales, have achieved good economic benefits, the product has a stable position in the world.Through the investigation and analysis of the development trend of the global market, in 2007, the company's board of directors decided to invest 250 million new "fatty acid amide capital and expansion project, the project each work is according to the plan.The construction of the new project will change the company of the present condition of the product of a single, improve the market competitiveness and ability to resist risks of enterprises.We believe that: with the joint venture parties in the upstream resources, key technology and the perfect combination of all the elements of marketing, sichuan, general elaboration co., LTD "NEUTRON - series" fatty acid amide products and services, will be constantly in terms of performance/price ratio, showing new characteristics and appearance, with a history of more than 40 years "NEUTRON - series" brand will continue to carry forward.

  Company pay special attention to: meet the requirements of the international development staff and personal qualities for the aims of the company management activities has a crucial effect.Since 1997, we selected excellent worker every year, and sent to participate in domestic and Japan held various training activities.So far, the worker team has many people to Japan AOTS research center and the domestic company to study.We feel gratified and proud of is: these well trained employees has grown progress, many people become technology, management and key personnel in the field of trade.

  City of mianyang, called fucheng, originating from the top of the snowy mountains FuJiang meanders through from the city.Located 97 kilometers north of chengdu, is a very rare YouYa city in northwest sichuan province.Here, fascinating is not only a long history can be traced back to the qin and han dynasties era, epic story of The Three Kingdoms, exotic giant panda habitat, praise delicacies and flavor snack, more moving west CangQiang humanistic amorous feelings and the famous natural and cultural heritage: jiuzhai paradise, the huanglong scenery, hometown of li bai is mianyang people relish a good landscape.

  Along with the progress of The Times, the open degree of expanding, especially big business opportunity contained in the west development in China, mianyang gradually show a growing vitality and the development of economic strength.Due to hard work and wisdom of the city's five million residents, mianyang, the city construction, industry, agriculture, industry, education, especially the technical innovation ability in China's sichuan province has got great progress - play the role of the city's second largest economy.Here not only has powerful enterprises - sichuan changhong electronics and information industry group, and the China national major research organization, the Chinese academy of engineering physics, China aerodynamics research center and other cutting-edge research institutes are set up in mianyang city, developed into a national plan to mianyang, in the "western China science and technology city" added great vitality.

  Mianyang is going to be a more splendid future!

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